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Pin Design


High School, Middle School

Contest Description 

Students present their state-winning pin along with their artwork and participate in an oral presentation regarding all aspects of their creation of the design. Contestants will explain how the pin represents their state, its unique qualities and why another SkillsUSA student or adult member would want to wear the pin. The student must also create a table top display that is educational and represents the process that took place in creating the design.

Contest Chair or Organizer

Oct 31, 2022

Contest Update

This contest will be held in two parts the initial judging of the design at Fall Leadership, and oral presentation and PDP held at State Championship. The designs for both High School and Middle school will be judged together to determine the State Pin replicated for State conference. The winner of the contest will be based on this technical standard’s full criteria. This means that the design produced may not be the winners’ choses to go to nationals. One Middle school and One High School state championship winner will be eligible to move forward to nationals.

Click to See the State Technical Standards 

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