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Advertising Design


High School

Contest Description 

This contest tests technical skills and creative aptitude as though contestants worked for an ad agency. In addition to a written test, competitors will recreate a provided advertisement on the computer. Competitors are judged on their accuracy, proficiency with industry software and ability to meet a deadline. Contestants also compete in a creative portion of the competition. The creative portion involves the application of creative thinking and a design challenge. Layout, drawing and illustration skills are used, as well as the ability to create vibrant, effective designs using the computer.

Contest Chair or Organizer

Mar 19, 2023

Contest Update

Scholarship Awards Avalable!

Supplied by the competitor:

a. Computers of choice with RAM to run industry standard software; compatible monitor,

keyboard and mouse; and external storage device, such as a jump drive. Competitors

may also bring a digitizing tablet, (e.g., Wacom) and/or a digital drawing tablet (e.g.,


b. Software (Check the SkillsUSA Championships update annually for announcement of

software choice. Industry standard software packages include InDesign, Photoshop or


c. Competitors may bring a scanner to scan in their own illustrations, as well as draw and

scan in hand-drawn work. A scanner is not required but may be used for this purpose

alone. Use of a scanner will be strictly prohibited during the computer mechanical

portion of the competition

d. Assortment of graphite pencils

e. Colored pencils and/or markers

f. Fine-point black markers (e.g., Sharpie)

g. Paper that is appropriate to the medium in which the student will be working (e.g.,

marker paper or visualizer pad)

h. Triangle, compass or French curve as needed by student for drawing purposes

i. A ruler at least 12” long (mandatory)

j. Small T-square for drawing appropriately sized thumbnail or rough boxes (optional)

k. Pencil sharpener

l. Tape for securing paper to table if the student will be using a T-square

m. Erasers

n. Students may bring with them whatever items they feel they need to visually express

their creative ideas

o. One 6' multiple-outlet surge protector

p. All competitors must create a one-page resume.

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