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National Leadership & Skills Conference

This site is to inform any content or information directly related to NLSC and Louisiana secondary

View the national sites for other information.

Pre-Order NLSC Shirts

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Be sure to pre-order your nationals t-shirt with drawstring bag before May 12. Advisors can preorder on the SkillsUSA-Register site and Click Add Optional State Fees. Chooses qty (All Shirts can list under one advisor.

Everyone else can preorder on our store. CLICK HERE

NLSC Meeting Contest at SLSC

This section will be update as more information is released or updated. 

  • Many of Atlanta's restaurants are cash-less so it is recommended the students have a debit card or Cash load card.

  • Wi-Fi in the GWCC is mostly 5ghz be sure your computer is capable if your contest requires internet access. 

  • Clothing Requirement are as Follows 

    • Monday Travel & Meeting - Schools Appropriate attire (State Shirt Recommended)

    • Career Competitions including Orientations - Official Competition Attire (See Technical Standards)​

    • Opening Session - SkillsUSA Official Attire, Business Attire Acceptable

    • Academies, TECHSPO, Universities - Business Casual 

    • Champions Festival - School Appropriate Attire

    • Awards Session = SkillsUSA Official Attire or Career Competition Attire (Winner not wearing this will not be allowed on stage.)


NLSC Mini Site

The National office has put together a mini-site for NLSC to cover many thing relating to Nationals.

Use the button to view the mini-site

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