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SkillsUSA Benefits



  • Teaching teamwork and leadership

  • Reinforcing employability skills

  • Offering a state and national contest program

  • Providing ways to serve the local community

  • Offering $1 million in scholarships annually

  • Helping students meet potential employers

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  • Enhancing curriculum

  • Real-world engagement

  • Technical performance gauge

  • Providing avenues for local industry support

  • Showcase training programs

  • Gaining greater administrator support

  • Providing opportunities to network

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  • Provide teachers with support, professional development and recognition.

  • Gain community support for their school and programs.

  • Build positive, professional connections.

  • Measure school/program success against state and national standards.

  • Help students build transferable skills.

  • Provide credentialing opportunities for students and teachers.

  • Keep students in school and highly engaged, resulting in fewer disciplinary issues. 

  • Meet Perkins V and ESSA requirements.

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  • Ensuring that programs meet industry needs

  • Providing opportunities for employment

  • Helping to promote specific industries

  • Participating in advisory boards

  • Shrinking the Skills Gap

  • Brand Loyalty 


SkillsUSA Fact Resource 2022-23

This document contains a wide variety of facts, statistics and more related to SkillsUSA

Mission Poster

The mission statement explains why SkillsUSA exist, sharing the ultimate goal for the organization of preparing career-ready students who will excel at work, succeed in life and become assets to their communities.

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