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High School

Contest Description 

Contestants frame walls using wood and/or steel studs, cut and install rafters, gable end overhangs, fascia board and soffit installation, install sheathing and/or exterior siding and trim. Demonstration of knowledge of stair construction is required. Contestants will be judged on accuracy, ability to read and interpret blueprints, workmanship, safety and the proper use of tools, equipment and materials.

Contest Chair or Organizer


Feb 23, 2024

Contest Update

Supplied by the Competitors:

  • Cut-resistant Level 3 gloves

  • One 8 pt. crosscut saw (10 pt. or 12 pt. optional)

  • Claw hammer

  • One set chisels (1 ⁄4” to 1”)

  • Framing square

  • 16’ or longer steel tape measure

  • Utility knife with standard blades

  • Two pencils

  • One each (1 and 2 pt. Phillips and 4” and 8” standard screwdrivers) or one multi-tip with equivalent tip

  • Wrecking bar or gooseneck pinch bar

  • Coping saw and extra blade

  • Cat’s paw (nail puller)

  • Chalk box and line

  • One nail set

  • Straight aviation snip or any metal-cutting snips

  • 24” or 30” spirit level

  • Combination wood rasp and file (8”)

  • Carpenter’s tool and nail pouch with belt and/or suspenders

  • Stair gauges

  • Combination square and/or speed square

  • 25’ power cord (UL approved grounded)

  • Calculator

  • Power circular saw with new carbide-tipped blade

  • Drywall saw

  • Portable toolbox not to exceed 4.0 cubic feet of storage capacity.

  • Screwgun

  • Cordless Drill with #2 Phillips tips

  • Hardhat

  • Safety glasses

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