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Culinary Arts


High School

Contest Description 

The competition will encompass both hot and cold food preparation and presentation. Contestants will demonstrate their knowledge and skills through the production of a four-course menu in a full-day competition. The contestants are evaluated on organization, knife skills, cooking techniques, creative presentation, sanitation and food safety techniques, and above all, the quality and flavor of their prepared items. The high school competitors will work from one menu to demonstrate fundamental cooking techniques.

Contest Chair or Organizer

Mar 8, 2023

Contest Update

Items each competitor to bring:

Full chef uniform w/ non-skid shoes, hat or hair cover

Pen, Marker, and Pencil, Calculator
1 each: chef knife, serrated knife, boning knife, paring knife 
Disposable gloves

BPSTIL(Host School) will provide all the equipment/smallwares necessary

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